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We are often asked on this site where you can date up and coming escorts in London. After all, a lot of the gents that contact us are experienced daters, and would like to have the pleasure of dating up and coming girls. Once you have been dating for a while, it might get boring to date experienced escorts, and you want to bring some of those special qualities back that only new girls have. If you are visiting London, and would like to date some up and coming escorts, you should check out north London escorts. This is often where the fun starts.

North London escorts – the beginning

North London Escorts
North London Escorts new girl

How do you become an escort in London? Lots of girls who arrive in London from places like Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe, often dream of becoming top escorts in London. Of course, experienced girls like myself, know that this is not going to happen overnight, and that you need to have some experience. Most of the girls who arrive here in London have not had any experience of being escorts, and one of the best places you can gain that, is to date for north London escorts agencies in places like Romford and Ilford.

There is a very good reason why new girls should consider working for north London escorts agencies. One of the first thing is that the agencies are rather busy, so the girls who are lucky enough to get a job there, will get a lot of experience quicker. Most escorts agencies in north London are also a lot cheaper, and this is one of the many reasons that local gents, and gents from other parts of London, like to use them. They know that they will have a great time, and get great value for money.

Working Hard

North London Escorts
North London Escorts

When you work for north London hot babes, you will have to work a bit hard but that does not really matter. I have a couple of friends who work for agencies in north London, and they earn just as much money as top escorts. I think what a lot of girls don’t realize, is that it is very expensive to work in central London. For instance, if you need to rent a place to work in, you may find that it will cost you a lot of money. After all, it is worth remembering that this comes off your bottom line.

To be honest, you are just as likely to make some serious money working for north London escorts as you are working in a place like Mayfair. This is why you see so many girls from places like Kensington change their minds, and up and leave their agencies. They are simply moving back to the north London escorts they came from as they have realized that working in central London is not that great after all. It is better to earn a bit less and pay a bit less in rent. most of the time you will have more money at the end of the month.

North London escorts do have a good name

I recently meet a couple of girls who work as escorts in Mayfair London. They were complaining as a lot of their top gents were moving on and starting to use north London escort agencies. Seriously girls, what do you expect. First of all, hot babes in north London have a really good name, and many gents out their like to date girls who are fresh. Not only that, but some of my friends who have earned a lot of money escorting, have spent a lot of their money on surgery. Gents don’t like super enhanced girls, and this is one of the many reasons they choose to date in north London.

Also, many central London escort agencies really do put their prices up during the summer. That goes against the grain of many gents, and they start to date elsewhere. A lot of the girls from north London escorts agencies don’t mind traveling and they simply go and date in the center of London. This way a gent ends up with a cheaper date, and may even perhaps spend some extra time with her.

A touch of innocence

A lot of gents do get tired of girls who appear as professional escorts. They would still like to have some sort of personal experience out of the date, and I am not so sure that a lot of girls who have been escorts for a long time can give them that. This is why you will see gents setting up dates in north London instead. They know that the girl that they have arranged a date with, will have less experience and therefore will be able to deliver a better personal experience.

The gents who date a lot of north London escorts, also like to feel that they give the escort something. Looking at it from the gent’s point of view, he may feel that he is sharing his own ideas and pleasures with the girl. It can be things that she has never experienced before, and at the end of the day, it can prove to be a very positive experience for both of them. The escort gets something out of it but so does the gent, it work both ways sometimes.

North London escorts are some of the hottest and sexiest girls in town, say many visitors to London. Not all gents who visit London are prepared to spend a small fortune on dating escorts. As a matter of fact, many of them might be younger and want to share their first dating experiences with cheap escorts. Once, they have gained a little bit of experience, they may move on but many of them don’t. They are happy with the experience and continue to date their hot babes in north London. After all, what can be better than meeting up with the same hot escorts and having some serious adult fun when visiting London.